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Carry On or Move On?

2023-10-08 2 min read Stories Ryan

There is always going be crossroads in life and the question of do I carry on or move on can really be applied to anything, from a new career option, to moving to a different place, or even a relationship, it’s a question that I think everyone takes a mental note of. It’s usually not something that can be answered right away, and we have this question in the back of our minds, and we are subconsciously thinking about it until we arrive at one of the many crossroads in life.

For me I’ve been with my guy for two years! We moved in last year and it’s been overall amazing, but in the beginning and middle of 2023 it’s been rough. I’m a planner in my heart and when we ran into unpredictable events in both of our lives, it caused stress, pain, and tears between us. I remember both of us looking at each other one day and I could tell we were both at our crossroads of this relationship. Do we carry on with each other or move on from each other?

During this time I would often think about “why do I love this guy?” I would then be reminded before all of these problems happened, how we met. I would remember his smile, his laugh, his work ethic, his compassion, love, and devotion. All those things would bring me back and answer that question of “why I love this guy.”

Communication is such an important centerpiece of a relationship. Without communication relationships just break apart, and although I thought we had some good communication between us, we did have some disconnects that showed up and learning about each other’s needs, wants, and goals helped us. As well being together and with each other during our unpredictable events that showed up this year.

When a relationship can be stressed, squeezed and wringed and at the end of it, there is a relationship that holds its shape, perhaps stronger than it was before, you know that you have something special! ❤️

I love you, and I will always love you, let’s see together what this life has in store for the both us!! – Ryan