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2021-06-27 1 min read Ryan

This is a blog about life, specifically my life,

👋 Hi my name is Ryan been on the internet for a bit so go ahead explore my other work if you would like but the main reason this blog is about me, I came out as gay in 2019 to my family and I want to share my stories, my experiences, and really just a part of my life.

Everyone handles these “come out” moments differently, I felt for the longest time there wasn’t a need to announce it to anyone, that changed over time and when I told a close friend it was unfathomable how this helped me. There have been several people in my life that have put me where I am today because their actions. I’m forever grateful for these people, as some have no idea what kind of impact they have had on me.

In the end that’s kind of why I wanted to share my stories here, maybe I can help. Life is all about discovering and rediscovering yourself!

If nothing else you just stumbled across on some random gay guy’s blog.😉

Welcome, stay as long you need!