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In the Name of Love

2022-07-27 2 min read Thoughts Ryan
Love is a tricky thing that can start relationships, trust, and commitments. It also can be the opposite if your love was betrayed. Making it harder to start over on those relationships again, building trust again and commitments. Emotionally affecting you, perhaps affecting your way of life and even wondering if you could “start-over” again, all for love. A complex and difficult emotion that seems to hang on the past is a part of what love is. Continue reading

Aww Life

2022-06-11 2 min read Thoughts Ryan
We’re given a chance on this place that we call earth to do what exactly? I think that is a question that man and woman have wondered since inception. When we look at the history of mankind it’s not pretty and sometimes its horrid. However as awful as that is, life and mankind has also shown us, compassion, beauty, love, community, and grit. We play on the one string we have here…and that’s life and it continues regardless of circumstances. Continue reading

Don't Think So Much

2021-09-08 2 min read Stories Ryan
Being in the technical field those are words that I don’t normally come across much. I’m constantly thinking of better ways to improve something, change something, and or add in something. That’s why I love technology! However, during my lifetime so far ;) there have been plenty of situations that I thought too much of something and it affected the outcome of it and it wasn’t technical problem, it was a personal one. Continue reading