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In the Name of Love

2022-07-27 2 min read Thoughts Ryan

Love is a tricky thing that can start relationships, trust, and commitments. It also can be the opposite if your love was betrayed. Making it harder to start over on those relationships again, building trust again and commitments. Emotionally affecting you, perhaps affecting your way of life and even wondering if you could “start-over” again, all for love.

A complex and difficult emotion that seems to hang on the past is a part of what love is. It’s beautiful what love can do, like trigger memories from a distant past perhaps your first love, to your first realization of what love can really do, to those close friends and family members that you loved who passed away years ago.

These rollecoaster of emotions are powerful ones and I’m not sure if there is anything else like it, which is why it can hurt so much when it fails. Understandably people get closed off when love fails them. The reality is love isn’t just about past relationships and memories, its about the current ones too, and most importantly it’s about you.

“If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” - Ru Paul

Similar to how life changes around you, so does love, it adapts around you, and through you. There’s going to be tears, and thoughts, questions, and what ifs when love fails.

In the end of all of that, think about this. You have so much to offer to someone, and you have so much to give to someone. In return that someone has so much to offer you, and that someone has so much to give to you. Its equal and it’s all for love. 💕