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Aww Life

2022-06-11 2 min read Thoughts Ryan

We’re given a chance on this place that we call earth to do what exactly? I think that is a question that man and woman have wondered since inception. When we look at the history of mankind it’s not pretty and sometimes its horrid. However as awful as that is, life and mankind has also shown us, compassion, beauty, love, community, and grit. We play on the one string we have here…and that’s life and it continues regardless of circumstances.

So what’s the point of it all? Some people say its god playing a test on you while you are here on this place, a determination at the end of your life will decide if you go to heaven or hell. Others say you’ve been given this chance to exist, to find happiness, physically, emotionally, mentally and change the world. It’s like a journey that has a timer to it, so make the best of it!

We can all agree that everyone has their own perceptions about life, some are good, some are bad. The thing that I like to keep in mind is you can change these perceptions about life in either direction. Good or bad, it’s always going to be easier to think about the bad things about life and you could spiral into that but what’s the point? Shouldn’t you make the best hand you were dealt given?

A piece of a comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, that I remember often and my favorite peanut character Snoopy, is sitting up on his doghouse looking up to the clear blue sky with his friend Woodstock and thinking…:

That word “Keep” is important as the definition of it is “a cause to continue”. This is a great metaphorical reference that tells us to keep moving forward, and steady on because that is the fundamental rule of life when you think about it. Life in general always finds a way to look up.

One thing that I personally believe is that humans need someone to love, to care for, to hold, as all of that brings out our compassion, our beauty, our love, our community, and our grit… Easier said than done right? We all know life isn’t easy and there’s garbage all around us but that’s the ultimate secret of life, isn’t it? To stay positive, motivated, continue to press on and keep looking up because that always seems to bring out the best of us, and to me is the entire point of living! 🏳‍🌈