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Don't Think So Much

2021-09-08 2 min read Stories Ryan

Being in the technical field those are words that I don’t normally come across much. I’m constantly thinking of better ways to improve something, change something, and or add in something. That’s why I love technology!

However, during my lifetime so far ;) there have been plenty of situations that I thought too much of something and it affected the outcome and it wasn’t technical problem, it was a personal one.

I remember when I started dating (which was 28 by the way, I know…a little to late to party) I was originally looking for only relationships but when I would meet people and we would go adventures or just talk over dinner/lunch, I realized quickly that this is going to take time. As much as I want to think love at first sight is real, in my heart I do! However there have been a couple of guys that have pulled my heart strings and it hurts! My daydreaming thoughts of what I think is going to happen, turns out completely different in reality.

It’s no fault of the other person either, it’s your own thoughts that started it! So unless you talked about the future with each other keep those thoughts contained don’t let them distract you, nothing wrong about thinking about the potential but don’t let be the only thing you think about. Communication is so important, I know this sounds like common sense… but relationships are tough and I think people can get stuck in there own thoughts, I’ve done it!

For me I’m looking for that special someone, but I’m not turning off people that just want to be friends. You might meet that special one through them, or maybe that friend becomes someone more to you as time rolls around. So when enjoying someone’s company don’t think so much about it, be in the moment, get to know them, their goals, their passions, and take it from there. I want to say love takes time, but I’ve only been in this for a couple of years… Haven’t found that secret yet! 🤷‍♂️